How many megapixels is the camera of your phone, 8 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP, 32 MP, or 64 MP? Because the smartphone company has put the customer in a different race and that is a higher megapixel camera. If your friends or relatives look towards your mobile.

Then What is the first question?

How many megapixels is its camera? That is why companies luring you more megapixels and her balance sheet keeps on glowing. If you also feel that having a more megapixel camera, your camera performs well. In this post, I will tell you that there is nothing like this and Factors on which mobile camera depends.

Factors on which mobile camera depends

The first thing to remember that megapixel is the just part of the camera and not the heart of the camera. The camera can not make only with the megapixels. Some other things are more important than megapixels. Like image sensor, aperture, Image processing, and AI.

By only with megapixels picture does not bring a good picture, but in the megapixel race, the company is celebrating you and you are going to become.

What is a megapixel?

If you zoom the photo of your phone. Then you see some boxes made in square shape. These are the pixels. These are the smallest part of any photo.

1 megapixels = 10 lakh pixels,

 2 megapixels = 20 lakh pixels

 12 megapixels =120 lakh pixels

Did You know that what to do pixels?

When you take a photo, every pixel captures the lite, Information of subject, Color, Contrast, and capture the detail of the photo. And when all the pixels are added together you get a complete picture.  That is why there will be so many megapixels then you will get much information in the picture.
Means when you will zoom the photo. Then the photo will not be blurred, and you will get more information. Because of the detail of this photo consisting of many pixels. But more megapixels does not mean that there will be a good quality of the picture as well. Because it depends on the pixel size and image sensor.

What is the pixel size?

Pixel size is the size of the pixel. If someone pixels the size of the camera is bigger than every pixel capture more information and detail. And then you will get a good picture.

For example, If a camera is 12 megapixels and its pixel size is big than 16-megapixel camera and 20 megapixels camera then the 12Mp camera captures a better image.

OnePlus 7T Pro's camera is 48 megapixels and its pixel size is 0.8 micron.  Google 3A’s camera 12.2 megaPixel and its pixel size is 1.4 micron. And also Samsung S10 Plus camera 12 megapixels and pixel size of 1.4 microns. And then Samsung S10 and Google 3A capture a better image then the OnePlus 7T pro.

 Now talk about the most important part of the camera.

The image sensor is hardware that captures light. And convert it into a digital image. which you will be able to see on your smartphone. So much bigger image sensor and the larger the pixel size. And you will get the best quality image.  Then companies can not change the image sensor but decrease the size of the pixels. And then tells you that the mobile of his companies has 48 megapixels and 64 megapixels cameras etc. You have not understood this game of companies.

For example, 1 megapixel = 10 lakh pixels and companies decrease it to 20 lakh pixels in 1 megapixel.

This simply means that they reduced the pixel size.  When the sensor is not big, the image quality is also going to remain the same. So that was why Samsung S9’s camera captures a better image than other mobiles 64megapixels camera.

If you take a photo from more megapixels cameras then there is not much pixelate on zooming the photo. But the print of the clicked photo from your phone can be as big as it is because it has more megapixels. You can get the details from this, but not necessarily get the quality when you take the photo, then keep it on the phone itself. You can keep as many laptops as possible. If you don't make his banner, then you upload it on social media then social media websites compress these images.

So for good smartphone camera can not depend only on megapixels. It also depends on the image sensor, sensor size, pixel size, and aperture. These are Factors on which mobile camera depends.