If you want to know how to buy a good smartphone then this post is very important for you.  Nowadays a new smartphone is launched every other day. Then the customer does not understand which phone will be best for them. Companies change their hardware slightly in their phone model and make them new. And you get caught in this trap. You again feel that if you stayed for 15 days. Then you could have bought a good smartphone. So you need to Smartphone Buying Guide.

In this post, we will tell you how you can buy a good smartphone in the 10-15k range? And  Smartphone Buying Guide or Tips for Finding the Right Phone under 10-15k.
Smartphone Buying Guide:Tips for Finding the Right Phone under 10-15k

Smartphone Buying Guide: Tips for Finding the Right Phone under 10-15k

1. Back panel quality

What is the first thing you should keep?  that is the back panel quality.
If you want your smartphone to run for a long time, then definitely check the back panel quality.  Usually, you get two types of back panels quality in smartphones nowadays.  The first is poly carbon and the second is of glass.You must have often heard in the review that one's back pannel has made of plastic and one's back panel is made of glass.  If it is made of plastic, it breaks easily when it falls and changes in less money.

And the plastic panels are easily scratched and when you use this phone, fingerprints are hidden on the back panel.  At the same time, the glass panel is very good to see and scratchers do not come on it. If the glass body smartphone falls, then there are more chances of it getting broken.If you want your phone to last longer and also be more premium. Then you can take a smartphone with a glass body and use a plastic back cover. Nowadays Most people bought a smartphone with glass panels.

2. Processor of Smartphone

The other thing that is required to be checked while taking a phone is the processor. The processor is the main part of mobile. If the processor is good then your phone won't hang and won't lack. If the processor of the smartphone is not good, then the phone will take a lot of hang and you will not get a good experience while playing the game.

Nowadays, you use these types of processors:-

  1.  Qualcomm SnapDragon

  2. Media Tek
But some companies use their own processors.  Just like smartphones belong to Samsung, you will get Exynos processors.SnapDragon and Media Tek are very important processors. Talking about SnapDragon, you can get 3 4 processors to check-in smartphones found in the range of 10-15k. Like snapdragon 675, 710,730, 730 G. From these processors, you get a good gaming experience and multi-tasking on the smartphone and your phone will not hang.Just like that in the media tek you get helio p60, p70, helio 90t processor.

3. Storage and Ram

Apart from this, you should also take care of the storage and RAM of the phone. Nowadays, you easily get 4 to 6 GB RAM  in 10-15k smartphones.  But you still have to have 4GB of RAM in the mobile.And storage is 64GB and 128GB depends on you and you can check in your mobile whether it has a micro SD slot or not?

4. Smartphone's Camera

Talking about the most important part, it is the camera. Nowadays everyone needs a phone that has a good camera and also has more max megapixels. If you want a good camera then focus on image sensor more than megapixels. In the race of 32, 48, 64 megapixels, do not run. But check the image sensor and check how the image quality. In 10-15k, you get the image sensor of Sony's IMX 586 519.
With which you can take a good photo and just like that you can check that the camera has night mode or does not have night mode and the camera can feature the electronic Image Stabilization feature.  If your phone will have electronic stabilization feature, then your video will not be shaky.

5. Battery

Now let us talk about the battery that if your phone battery is not strong then what will you do by purchasing it. nowadays we do all our work on mobile. The amount of battery you are given is still less, yet I would say to you that the battery of your phone is definitely 4000 to 4500 mh so that you can get a 1-day battery backup.And the phone should also have a fast charging mood and that fast charging should also be inside your box.  Nowadays it happens that there is fast charging support on the phone, but the company gives a normal charger in the box and you have to take a fast charger from outside.

6. Display

Finally, let's talk about display, nowadays the trend of vizlis display.You can avoid a thick vizlis display. if you need a waterdrop notch and the punch notch display it depends on you. but in these, you must check which display it is. It has AMOLED display, super AMOLED, IPS LCD panel, or TFT.For good color reproduction, you should at least choose IPS LCD. And if the display has AMOLED or super AMOLED display. Then it is even better.

7. Service center

The last thing we all ignore is that which you want to take the phone. Its service center is in your city or not. If the service center is in your city than this very good.

If you take care of all these things then you can choose the perfect smartphone for yourself.