So friends when you issue any debit card from banks. Then they will give you one card from three types of debit cards. They are Rupay card, visa card, master card.
What is Debit cards ? Why we need these cards?

What is the Rupay card, visa card, and master card?

First, we discuss why we need debit cards?

When we need money withdrawal or deposit. Then we go to the bank for this work.Banks' accounts increased. That was why in the banks crowed are increases or bank accounts are increases. So for withdrawing or depositing money. We wait a long time in the bank.Here concept designed of ATM. For the convenience of the account holders or bank customers. Then customers easily withdrawal cash from the ATM.But when we need shopping then we withdrawal cash from atm and then pay to the owner or shopkeeper. Then shopkeeper deposit cash in her account. So this process is long or time-consuming.

Visa card and master card

Both companies are competitors of each other. Both tie up to all banks in the country. They make the payment network of the system. By this for transfer cash from Any bank atm card to another bank account. BY this you can pay by swipe getaway machine to any shopkeeper and online payments.
So in the simple language, visa, and master card both are payment networks. They are the mediator between your bank and the payer bank whom you pay. Both mediator companies are from the USA. The fee at every transition.
When we make any payment from both.IN this both USA companies collect our transition detail. When we transition in any Indian bank to another Indian bank. They both companies first collect cash from our bank. After this, they pay to another bank whom we want to pay, so this process is long. And why should we pay fees to companies in other countries?
Then the Indian company NPCI makes the RUPAY CARD. The Rupay card is an Indian company.

What is NPCI?

NATIONAL PAYMENT CORPORATION OF INDIA.  NPCI monitor all Indian banks.NPCI makes the Rupay card for decreasing transition fees and simplicity in payment transfer or fastly transition. First NPCI tied upped to all banks. Then make the Rupay card. And they promote the RUPAY Card.

Then Why visa card and master card companies make ads?

After promoting the Rupay card in India. the market of both companies decreases in India.The ads cards everywhere on the internet. IN the ads they show the errors of the Rupay card. Rupay card did not work internationally. This is the main error of the Rupay card.

Rupay card internationally work or not?

Now at this time, the Rupay card company started making tieing up with the out of countries banks. So now in some countries  Rupay card works. They work on this error to decrease it.

Advantages of using Rupay card:-

  • Both master card and debit card collect issuing fee. But the Rupay card issuing fee is zero.
  • The payment fee is less than the other cards.
  • More cashback than a master or visa card.