How to Transfer a YouTube Channel to Another Email

YouTube third-most visited website on the Internet. Most videos are share or upload on this website. On this website, more than 4 billion videos are views in one hour according to youtube information. On the youtube, library professionally produced videos and user making videos. All google accounts users are eligible to share videos on youtube. By sharing videos on youtube with the following youtube program policy. And then you can monetize your channel for earning money from your youtube channel. This user can also transfer a youtube channel to another Email at any time.

Steps for Transfer a YouTube Account to Another Email:-

  1. Launch any web browser and then open the youtube website. Sign in your Google account from which you want to transfer the youtube channel.

  2. Fill the email address and password. After then click on the sign-in button. Your account automatically opens on youtube.

  3. On the side of the window or top right side corner, click on your user name. You can see the list of the menu bar.

  4. In the menu bar select the "SETTINGS". Then a new page has opened.

  5. In this, you can see the Channel manager. From this click on the Add or remove manager(s). You see the new page.

  6. In this user manager bar. Then click on the manage permissions.

  7. The new page has shown in this right side corner click on add new user.

  8. Fill the email address where you want to transfer the youtube channel. In this, you can also see the drop-down menu in which three options.

 Which is;-

  1. OWNER



If you want to full access to the new user then choose the owner option. On the other hand, if you want only to give access to managing your channel or uploading new videos. Then choose the manager or communication manager.

  1. After choosing this click on done.

  2. This will invite the new user. And invitation email automatically sent to the new user. Then new users will need to accept from email.

By following these steps you can easily transfer youtube channel to another email.