Hot flush, night sweating, mood swings… menopause brings its share of difficulties. Fortunately, yoga can relieve these ailments and approach this new phase of life in a serene way.
The menopause is characterized by cessation of the reproductive cycle , usually occurs between 45 and 55 years. Thus, 400,000 French women reach this stage of their life each year. Between hot flashes , weight gain , mood swings or even questioning her femininity, postmenopausal women encounter both physical and mental disorders . The yoga can help them overcome. The benefits of yoga during menopause “The benefits of yoga are going to be particularly interesting during menopause. There is a physiological imbalance during this period. Yoga helps regulate the nervous system . If it is well balanced, it regulates all the major physiological functions of the body such as hormonal secretions, digestion, psychological well-being, and even heart function ”, explains Sophie Pensa, yoga teacher and author of the book Bien Vivre menopause without medication co-written with Stéphanie Mezerai. However, menopause does not happen overnight at age 45, so it can be interesting to start yoga long before your period stops. “In the case of menopause, yoga can be an accompaniment to the changes that occur gradually, from the age of 35 ”. Don't panic if you haven't started yoga in your prime. It is a practice accessible to all ages . “There is one point to remember, however. There are several types of yoga. Some are particularly dynamic and sporty like vinyasa, they are not necessarily recommended for beginners. At the beginning, it is better to favor yoga with gentle postures ”, specifies the teacher. The expert recommends, for example, Hatha or Yin Yoga, two styles that are based on a slow rhythm. “In Hatha Yoga, postures are held over several breaths, generally 5 breaths for beginners and up to 10 for more advanced . But they can be done by everyone. Just because they help stretch and strengthen muscles or work balance doesn't mean they are inaccessible. In Yin Yoga, the postures are held between two and five minutes each , for a perfect relaxation of the body ”. Yoga: the course of a session If there is no age to do yoga, it is important to warm up well through dedicated postures. “It is only then that we enter the session”, recalls Sophie Pensa. In addition, it is important to breathe well during the sets which can include between 3 and ten postures . “The state of mind in which we work is also important. We must not forget to make a little awareness and to be in the present moment during the session ”, explains the specialist“ With yoga, we try more to be in the posture than to do it in a way. mechanical". For more efficiency, it is recommended to end the “yoga break” with a few minutes of meditation. If even the less athletic can discover this practice, there are some contraindications . “You should not start a session if you are ill, if you have a fever or if you have the onset of sciatica / lumbago . In addition, if you have a pathology, it is important to have the approval of your doctor before starting, ”warns Sophie Pensa. She also recalls: “There are a lot less injuries in yoga than in other sports . The most important thing is not to force yourself and to remain benevolent towards your body. If you are unable to do a posture or if it hurts, move on to the next one ”. Valuable advice to keep in mind while performing the yoga postures that help soothe the ailments of menopause, presented in our slideshow.