The design and features are basically the same as the Aqara G2 ( see post in this hand ) There is more HomeKit for the Apple smart home ecosystem Stronger AI to better distinguish physical movement The Chinese domestic version is cheaper than the international version, fully functional, priced at about 1 million VND Using HomeKit is better than using with Aqara or Mi Home app many times
Design The Aqara G2H continues to be a cheap, functional and versatile security camera , but this year it added Homekit support, something the G2 lacked. In addition to the red as in this post, G2H also has two new very beautiful colors, navy and yellow, of course white is still there. Design similar to G2 with the round shape design, prominent on it is the black eye, the camera has 1080p resolution. Many people say this design looks like a certain character in the game Among Us is a trend, I see it like a one-eyed child in Minion, anyway it's pretty funny. tinhte_aqara_g2h-1.jpg The front of the camera is still a large lens with a mic, the top has a function button, the back is an external speaker and the bottom has a memory card slot as well as a button to reset. If you buy this camera for HomeKit, skip the memory card slot. The flexible stand of G2H makes it possible to attach to most metal objects that can hit the magnet, like I am mounting it on a shelf, another on the TV ... In the box also has a sheet of needle available. type and tapes to attach the camera to all different surfaces. This stand can lift the camera up, rotate 180 degrees and tilt in all angles, I have not seen any camera as flexible as this G2H. HomeKit Because it supports HomeKit, I will mainly talk about this platform, of course you can buy this camera to use with the Mi Home app or Aqara but I will not mention. From the process of connecting to using HomeKit is very easy, you just need to scan the QR code on the stand to bring G2H into the Home app on iOS. My first surprise was the connection speed, very fast. If you are indoors (on the same WiFi network) then you turn it on and it runs, does not take time to load like in Mi Home. When out of the house (4G or other WiFi) it will take a bit to load but not long. G2H in HomeKit fully supports features such as conversation (speakers and mic), video playback, automation, motion detection ... tinhte_aqara_g2h-4.jpg However, to take advantage of all the strengths of the HomeKit platform, you must also meet a few requirements. First, to be able to use the video playback feature, you need at least 200GB iCloud plan (59 thousand / month), if there are more than 5 cameras, it must be a 2TB plan. Although the amount of video saved does not affect the size of your iCloud plan, Apple still requires us to use that plan. Apple will let us save the video for 10 days to review. tinhte_aqara_g2h-10.jpg Also, since all the video is processed at the HomeKit hub, your home will also need a device that acts as the HomeKit hub, which could be an iPad, Apple TV 4k or HomePod, otherwise it can't be used. HomeKit Secure Video is a security and privacy feature for users' videos. Basically, the whole video and processing (motion recognition, differentiation between people and pets ...) will be processed locally, ie not put on the cloud, after processing is complete, the video will are posted to the user's iCloud and encrypted so that no one can intercept or view your information. Motion sensor The G2H is also a motion sensor, meaning you don't have to buy more. This feature combined with automation will help bring smart home solutions, for example when there is motion, the lights are turned on, for example. Aqara also upgraded AI so that the camera could recognize and better distinguish between people and pets in the house. tinhte_aqara_g2h-13.jpg This is the first time I use the HomeKit camera, so it was very impressive, especially the speed of downloading and watching videos, very surprising. The setup and connection process is also simple, and I don't care much about privacy with privacy. My house does not have a hub yet so I have to use an iPad, perhaps I have to buy a HomePod to use with some of these cameras.